Standing Abdominal Stomach Muscle Exercises for a Flatter Stomach-Abs
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Which of these people are doing Their Ab’ Muscle Toning Exercises?

crowd on thier feet. doing stomach exercises?

The importance of strengthening your abdominal muscles is: The stomach muscles support the low back just as the ribs support the upper back; the obvious difference being that you have to tell them to "tighten up!"
So, First, Before you get IN/OUT of your car; go UP/DOWN stairs; LIFTING anything or anybody (you know, the little people) you can avoid an injury or minimize an injury to the low back just by tightening your stomach muscles!!

1. Start by standing up.
2. Lightly tighten you stomach muscles. (A.) Suck in Your Gut ...Or... (B.) Firm up Your Stomach by Pushing Down, Try Them Both.)
3. Hold them lightly tighten.
4. Then take slow, deep breaths, in and then slowly out, all the while holding your stomach muscles tight. After 7 or 8 breaths you will feel the oblique abdominal muscles begin to be recruited, then the lower and upper abdominal’s being slowly synched tighter ALL without any more effort than the initial light muscle tension. You can do this toning exercise Anywhere !

The Advantage to this is that the Traditional Sit-Up or "Crunch" may aggravate Your Low Back, This Exercise Will Strengthen Your Low Back Without the Likelihood of Causing Pain.

Proper Lifting:
1. keep Your Back Straight and as Upright as Possible.
2. Tighten Your Stomach Muscles.
3. Keep your Feet, Hips and Shoulders Aligned, ie: do not twist as the twisting component is the easiest way to damage a disc.
4. Lift with Your Legs.
5. Keep the Weight/Mass Close to Your Mid-Section.

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