Quicker Recovery From Ankle Sprains
"SIM" Support-Ice-Mobilization Ankle Sprain Treatment Protocol.

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First a Little Background.
Thank You "Coach" Dr. Roger Dennis D.C. of Laguna Beach, California For This Procedure.  Coach is a "Cut to the Chase", No B.S. Kind of Guy. I Think of Him as an Australian Without the Accent.  He Was In Our Study Group At Los Angeles College of Chiropractic and With 15 Years of University Level Athletic Coaching Experience; He Tells the Story of Sharing this Procedure With A Podiatrists (Foot Doctor) Friend.  Then Reconnects With Him a Year Later and Ask Him How He Liked the support-Ice-Mobilization Ankle Sprain Protocol.  The Podiatrist Responded, "No, It Works Too Good and The Patients Don't Need Me To Perform it. !"


1.  The X-Ray Was Negative for Fracture.
2.  Wrap the Ankle In an Ace Bandage.
3.  Immerse the Entire Foot and Ankle In a Bucket of Ice Water Until He/She Can't Tolerate It Any Longer (usually 1-2 min.)
4.  Have Him/Her Slowly Walk, Until Feeling Returns to the Ankle Then Place the Ankle BACK into the Ice Water 
         (For Sever Sprains Use Crutches to Avoid Placing Full Body Weight On the Injury.)
5.  Repeat Steps 2, 3, 4 Until the Total Time of Ankle Being in the Ice Water is 5-6 minutes.
6.  Lastly, Finish With 30 Seconds More in the Ice Water.
7.  Repeat No More Than Once Each Hour.
8.  Keep Elevated Between Treatments While Swelling Is Present.

link to ankle tapping demo.Why This Works?
1.  The Ice with Support Keeps The Inflammation & Swelling Down. And May Help the Stretched Ligaments Contract.
  2.  The Walking Keeps the Mobility Up and Flushes out Metabolic Waste Products and Extra Cellular Fluid.   More information      Ankle Sprains Commonly Become Chronic & Each Time it Occurs, the Ankle Ligaments Become More Unstable. 
I was at a Retreat Some Years Ago and While Playing Basketball, One Guy Severely Sprained His Ankle. We Thought It Was Broken but the X-Rays Were Negative so we Began the S-I-M Protocol. I Saw Him 6 Months Later and He Said That He had Fully Recovered and That He Thought that It Was Even Stronger Than His "Good" Ankle.

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