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1.   Communication Styles Table.
2.   Medical History Taking. For a Faster & More Consistent History. (English)
3.   Spanish Medical History Taking

4.   X-Ray Protocol Clinical Justification for Who Receives X-Rays.
5.   Spondylolisthesis as Seen on X-Ray, Research Abstracts, Graphic.
6.   X-Ray Report Format Fast & Complete for the Doctor,  slower for the typist.
7.   View this Ethical Script to Bring New Patients into your care.
8.   Easy New Muscle Stretches & Exercises, Expanded Updated February 22, 2004
9.   FAST  S.O.A.P. notes   (See Three Formats Posted)
10.  Personal injury; the Medical-Legal Side.
11.  Ratable Narrative Report
12.  R.O.F. Report of Findings Outline
13.  Patient Education  "Nutrition 102, Good Fats VS. Bad Fats".
14.  Proven Stress Reducers   22 Practical Ways to Minimize Stress.
15.  Activator Adjusting Positions for the Beginning Chiropractor.

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