Gluteal - Buttocks - Muscle - Exercise - While Sitting

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This is a Favorite of Mine, Especially While Watching a Movie, Here is How it is Done.

sitting gluteal - buttocks exercise pictured.

1. Sit Down, Scoot Your Bottom Several Inches Forward Away From the Back of Your Seat.
2. Lightly Press Your Feet into the Floor.
3. Squeeze Your Butt Muscles Together and hold 5 minutes and work up to 20 minutes.

You Can Expect to be Sore the Next Day, if During the Movie You Perform this for 10 min. on - 10 min. off. and of course, to stay in this position is VERY poor posture and in the case of growing young people, over time, this will cause an abnormal lordosis (inward curve of the spine) in the lower thoracic spine !

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