Neck (Cervical Spine) Muscle Stretch

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left posterior neck stretch:Left, Neck Cervical Stretch, Posterior                                                         Left lateral neck stretch
Left Lateral, Neck Cervical Stretch. Our model is demonstrating first the posterior cervical spine (neck) stretch and then the Lateral "C" Spine stretch. (shown is the stretch for the left posterior and lateral neck.) NOTE: SHE IS NOT PULLING ON HER NECK, GRAVITY IS THE ONLY FORCE ACTING ON THIS STRETCH!! AS WITH ALL STRETCHES AND ESPECIALLY THIS STRETCH, YOU TAKE THE MUSCLE TO END-RANGE (when you start to feel a pull) AND HOLD IT THERE FOR 20 SECONDS. It is not how hard you stretch, it is how often you stretch. 

A more conservative form of this stretch is to simply bow your head forward and
then turn to one side without the additional weight of the arm as shown here. A great time to do this
stretch is the last 2 minutes of a shower, with the warm water running over the stretching muscles.

Lastly, try Grabbing the bottom of your chair and leaning your body/neck in the opposite direction for 15-20 seconds. a great little break from your computer.

Question:  Why is it when I am having neck pain and I pick up my child, that I aggravate my neck pain?
Answer:     Your arms are attached to your scapula (shoulder blade) and your scapula literally floats in muscle, with the exception 3 ligaments and 1 joint (the clavicle or collar bone).  15 muscles attach the scapula to your upper torso and several of these connect to multiple levels in the cervical spine.  So when you pick up something substantial like your child, these muscles are pulling on your neck. Chiropractic San Luis Obispo, CA 805.544.0237 Facebook

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