Lower Trapezius Muscle Stretch  
(Below/Between the Shoulder Blades/Scapula)  

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Starting Position for the Lower Trapezius Muscle Stretch Lower Trapezius Muscle Stretch

(This is the Same Starting Position as with the Rhomboid Stretch)

1. Sit with your feet stretch out in front of you.
2. Bend your left knee and place your left foot on the right of your right knee.
3. With your left hand, grab and hold on to your left ankle.
4. Holding on tight to your left ankle, LEAN BACK.
                  press your left elbow into your left knee.
                  rotate your left shoulder towards the right.
                  point/push your left shoulder up and forward.

This may take some "fine tuning", as far as altering how much one flexes prior to twisting,
or just twisting without much flex.  You will find that you can target specific areas of the 
paraspinal musculature from the lumbar to the upper thoracic.

Remember, if there is any pain, BACK OFF or stop.

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