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Dr Dieter is no longer a Traveling Personal Chiropractic Care
but feel free to call and ask any questions you might have on the subject.

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Let Me Introduce Myself, (the formal version) Dr. Lawrence Dieter D.C. Which I have Shorten to Just: "dieter". I Gave Up Fighting with Insurance Companies Years Ago in Favor of Traveling to Other Doctor’s Offices While they went on Vacation and to Travel with Those Who Wanted Their Personal Chiropractor Close by.

Each Year My List of Doctors For Whom I Cover, Grows. While I have Listed these Chiropractors, for Privacy Reasons, I Cannot Divulge my Clients for Which I Provide this Traveling Chiropractic Care Service. So Because of this, Nearly all My ‘Personal Travel Clients” are from Word-of-Mouth.

While Traveling with You I Will Provide Personalized Chiropractic Care, Personal Training, Nutritional Input for Both You & Your Staff......... Over the Past Couple Years I Have Been Asked, What I Think, Are Some Curious Questions, Such As: "Do You Have Facial Piercings?, Tattoos?, A Pony Tail?; Smoke?" And the Answer to These Would Be no.  Please Call Me at (805)544-0237 (usa-pacific time) to answer any Additional Questions.

And Just a Note on My Availability; Obviously, Calling Sooner is Better than Later. But to Find Out My Availability, CALL my Toll Free Number Regardless of How Immediate the Date & Yes, My Passport is Current.

email Dieter

if you choose to email me and you do not receive a reply with in 24 hours, please call my cell phone at 1(800)797-2457 usa (pacific std. time)

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