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Information on Spondylolisthesis(Graphic Mapping Each Anatomical Portion of the Lumbar Vertebra. Plus journal references.)
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, Each Time a Patient Comes in Your office With His/Hers Own Recent X-Rays, Take This Form Do Your Own Reading & Charge $50 for Your Service. How Many Times Have You Found Significant Items on X-Rays Not Mentioned in the Report? (Be sure to tell the patient about your Office Policy for Outside
(This Format will minimize the chance of overlooking things like tracheal air shadow deviation or remind you that lateral cervical flexion films are required for all downs syndrome patients. This format is quick for the doctor, but if you want it typed up this will take a little longer than a narrative format.) See If missed anything.
X-Ray Protocol
- It is important to have a clinical rational for justifying who gets x-rays, both for the patients and in the medical-legal world.
Clinical Case Presentation, Orthopedic Department, The Alfred I. Dupont Institute, Wilmington, Delaware

x-ray cervical lateral near normal, taker weight bearing.  x-ray, cervical lateral , loss of lordosis, facet arthosis, advanced C5-6 osteophytes. loss of disc heigth.  x-ray, cervical, lateral, loss of lordosis in lower c/s,  surgical fusion of C6-7.

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