Forward Head Carriage Improves with Each Adjustment!

FHC or Forward Head Carriage
 creates and amplified stress on the upper thoracic spine/upper back.  While not all people’s response to chiropractic adjustments is this dramatic, correction of this will avoid, pain, head aches, stress & early degeneration of the neck and upper back.

What Can You Do?

Easy Posture Correction is all about your Posture! This picture illustrates proper posture lining up the ear, shoulder, hip & ankle.  With your chiropractic adjustments, if you back up against a wall. (we will assume that all walls are straight:) 1. heels against to wall, 2. bottom, back & head against the wall. In 5 seconds you will know how your posture is doing at that moment. The more muscle energy/effort you need to stay against the wall, the worse your posture is. Conversely, in this position, the more relaxed & natural this is for you, the better your posture!

Author: Dr Lawrence A. Dieter DC

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