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24 Ways to Minimize Stress in Your Life

1. Feeling stress? Take Several Large Deep Breaths, the extra oxygen will let your mind and body know that everything is ok, even when it isn't.
2. Get Up 15 Minutes Early in the morning. The inevitable morning mishaps will be less stressful.
3. Don't Rely on Your Memory. Write down appointment times, when to pick up dry cleaning, when library books are due, doctor's appointments.
4. Procrastination Is Stressful. Whatever you want to do tomorrow, do today; whatever you want to do today, do it now.
5. Plan Ahead. Don't let the gas tank get below 1/4 full, deep a well stocked "emergency shelf" of home staples, don't wait until you're down to the last postage stamp or envelope.
6. Don't Put Up With Something That Doesn't Work Correctly. Get it fixed or get a new one.
7. Be Prepared To Wait. A paperback can make a wait in any line almost pleasant.
8. Positive Power! For every one thing that goes wrong, there are probably 10- or 50 items which go correctly.
9. Simplify, Simplify, Simplify.
10. No Worries Mate. Make friends with "Non-Warriors". Nothing can get you into the habit of worrying faster than association with chronic worry-warts.
11. Stay Away from the people who are "Energy Vampires".
12. Differentiate Between Needs & Preferences.
13. Create Order out of Chaos. Organize your home and work place so that you always know exactly where things are. Check this out, one organizational expert wrote that 90% of the time, where you think it should be, it will be within 18 inches (45 centimeters), left, right, up or down.
14. Add an ounce of Love to everything you do.
15. Become More Flexible. Some things are worth doing perfectly and others are perfectly ok with less perfection.
16. ELIMINATE, KILL! Destructive Self-Talk: "can't"; "I'm too..."; As my friend Jade, who just prior to sinking the 8 ball and winning the game, she said: "I CAN DO THIS !"
17. Take Care of Today as Best You Can and the Yesterdays and the tomorrows will take care of themselves.
18. Learn to Delegate Responsibility to capable others.
19. Don't Count to 10, Count to 1000 Prior to doing or saying anything that will burn a bridge.
20. Judge People Much Less (or not at all) somehow this just lightens your personal load.
21. Keep a Daily Journal, this helps "Vent" negative emotions and record positive ones for posterity. Also, looking back through the months, one will recognize the patterns and attitudes which weren't apparent at the time.
22. Do the Most Unpleasant Task First. This will lessen your stress for the rest of the day :)
23. Drink Water. One ounce for every Two pounds of body weight. Dehydration Stresses every cell in the body.
24. Make More New Friends. The latest research (July 2012) shows that even bees live longer when in the hive & quickly decline when going solo. It has been my observation that those who own a hot tub & a truck, have the most friends.

[source: myself and others....profound, I know....if you want to take credit for the "others" portion, email me.] Chiropractic ® SLO, CA


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