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Whether you play sports regularly or not, a sports injury is always a possibility. Sprained ankles, strained muscles, and repetitive motion injuries are common in the world of sports. These injuries cause pain, immobility, and a disruption to your life and daily routine. Then there are impact injuries that can dislocate a joint, affect your spine, or even give you whiplash. All of these injuries can be treated by the skilled staff at the clinic of Chiropractic and Wellness in San Luis Obispo, CA. We can provide you with pain relief, joint adjustments, and supportive treatments to aid your body's natural healing process.

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Treatment by a Chiropractor for Strains and Sprains

A strain is a muscle injury. A sprain is a joint injury. You sprain your ankle and you strain your back. Our chiropractor can successfully treat both types of injuries while at the same time help your body to heal.

Strained muscles: A strained muscle occurs when you overextend a muscle or force it the wrong way. This action can tear both muscle fibers and tendons. The result is pain, stiffness, and inflammation. The inflammation can put pressure on nerves which often adds to the pain.

Massage therapy, ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, and therapeutic stretching are chiropractic treatments that help the muscles to relax, increase blood circulation to the affected area, and reduce swelling. The treatments help to break up scar tissue and support the natural healing process. Targeted exercises help to build muscle strength and tendon flexibility. Reduced swelling will relieve nerve pain and improve mobility.

Similar treatment plans also help with muscle spasms, cramping, and repetitive motion injuries. These injuries usually occur from constantly performing the same task during practice or regular workouts.

Sprained or dislocated joints: A dislocated joint needs to be put back in place. Our chiropractor will gently restore your joint to its proper position. Exercises will help to strengthen the joint and connective tissues. Massage therapy and ultrasound will help to alleviate the swelling. It may take several visits to make sure that the joint is adjusted correctly and will stay in place.

Treatment of Injuries to Your Neck and Spine

Injuries to your neck and spine can dislocate vertebrae or rupture discs. These injuries can cause nerve pain, muscle pain, and affect the movement of your neck and back. Our chiropractor will do a full body assessment of your musculoskeletal system to look for the root cause of your pain and immobility.

A dislocated vertebra can be located and gently pushed back into the proper position. A ruptured disc can be nudged back into a more natural position away from nerves. Targeted exercises are performed to strengthen muscles that will keep your spine in proper alignment. Therapies such as the ones mentioned above will improve your mobility and reduce pain.

Local Chiropractic Treatment for Sports Injuries

No matter what injury you may have suffered while playing sports, you will receive skilled treatment from the staff at Chiropractic and Wellness in San Luis Obispo, CA. Call us today at (805) 544-0237 to set up an appointment and we will get you on the road to recovery.